Introducing The Tipsy Evangelist

I lept from bed today at the crack of 9:30am, blared 90’s rap (still not lovin police!) and tore a belt loop off my jeans trying to pull them up.  Nothing like starting your day with a little self loathing because you spent the weekend inhaling barbecue chicken wings like some ravenous pelican.

After a summer chock-full of Rosé and Champs I’ve finally rediscovered my love for the hard stuff, bold reds.  That’s right kids, don’t let my angelic face and fine spun stories fool you, I’m a cigar loving, Sriracha dousing, Cab chugging broad with a mouth that would make a sailor blush.  And I expect to be treated like a lady dammit!

Below are three gingers I’m currently crushing on.  Each happens to be from a Walla Walla, WA winery aka home of the Tipsy Evangelist.  I’ve seriously questioned introducing you to her as she is somewhat of an unsavory character, some might even call her a heretic but she has the best of intentions and her antics are quite entertaining so here goes nothing.   The Tipsy Evangelist is a gal not unlike me but much less poised and truth be told she could stand to take a day off from the ole devils brew.  She started showing up about three years ago whilst getting a little air outside Sapolil Cellars after a long day of tasting in Walla Walla.  She met a vagabond type gentlemen outside the bar carrying a bag of beers and I proceeded to preach the gospel to him.  I can’t quite recall her exact conversation but there was a lot of slurring (from both) a lot of her patting his shoulder (interesting) and finally a tear filled goodbye when my mother/adult babysitter decided she had done God’s work long enough.  She then directed my mom to the nearest Taco Bell which she later ate in my hotel room in complete darkness sitting cross legged in the middle of my bed.  Sadly, that isn’t the first time (or last I’m sure) that I have woken up with refried beans matted in my hair and fire sauce pretty much everywhere.  Blasted Tipsy Evangelist!

Amavi Cellars 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon:  There are more amazing wines then you can shake a stick at here!  Their winery is perched on this little hilltop overlooking Walla Walla wine country.  A must see and must taste fo sho!

Foundry Vineyards 2011 Artisan Blend:  There’s a friggin pile of jeans on the label for God’s sake!  I wear jeans.  Coincidence?  I think not!


Cavu Cellars 2012 Petite Sirah:  I visited this winery earlier in the year at 11am on a Sunday and they could not have been cooler.  It was rainy and grey and if I saw my happy ass walking up to the door I’d turn off all the lights and hide!

See you Thursday when I pretend to know about fashion!

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