Bubbles On A Budget

Obviously a super successful blogger like myself is not on a budget (hello, I drive a 2004 Toyota Scion.)  Jealous?!  You don’t end up in a fine piece of Japanese machinery if you’re not making good choices.   I pay the extra .50 cents for soy in my lattes, I almost always super size at McDonalds and at hotels I only take the shampoo if its high end (can you say baller!!) But I digress.  What I mean is that we aren’t all swilling Cristal like Puffy (I refuse to call him P Diddy because the is embarrassing for everyone.)

I drink champagne for a plethora or “many” of reasons.  (I’m trying to dumb down these posts to appeal more to my target audience.)  I like the bubbles, Heather Dubrow (champs!) and I enjoy that moment of sheer terror when you pop a cork.  There’s just nothing quite like that moment when you pop a bottle and wonder in anticipation if anyone will lose and eye.  Good times!


Bubbles are what you can drink before noon without looking like a total mess.  It’s what you celebrate with and it’s what you can buy in magnum bottles at Costco.  God bless America!  Here are some bottles to order in “da club” to impress your friends.

Shingleback “Black Bubbles” Sparkling Shiraz $23ish- With dark fruit flavors and a hint of black licorice this is the perfect bottle for those days you want the boldness of a red in the refreshing form of a sparkling wine.  I was actually introduced to Shingleback by fellow SCS co-founder and dear friend Abby Torres.  The “Secret Champs Society” is similar to the Illuminati or Hells Angels but much more powerful.

Traveri Cellars Sparkling Rosé $18ish- I came across this crisp berry/citrus blend while tasting at a local boutique who hosted the winery.  I then proceeded to spill said rosé all over a shirt that I then felt compelled to purchase (frickin Catholic guilt!)

JFJ Almond Sparkling Wine $10ish- With a nice subtle sweet/tart and nutty almond flavor this sparkling wine is my go-to Christmas brunch beverage.   Add a splash of orange, pineapple or grapefruit juice for a little citrus kick or enjoy straight up like yours truly.


PS  I seriously don’t understand how to use punctuation so if that’s a problem for you it will continue to be.

See you Tuesday tricks!

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  1. I really like the JFJ Almond Sparkling wine. I heard that Segura Viudas is very nice too. I believe everyone should keep a bottle of champagne on hand, because you never know when a special occasion may arise, or when you may just want to drink some. I agree (I laughed at your comment), popping the cork can add a little excitement to the evening!

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