The Perfect T-Shirt

I can hardly remember my closet before I found it.  From what I can recall it was a sad and lonely place full of body conscious judgement.  (Does anyone else have a super skinny and bitchy closet?!)  What did I wear on those self loathing days before it came into my life?? (I call it Kardashianitis or insecurity caused by watching too much Keeping Up With The Kardashians.)  Like a bad hangover the only cure for Kardashianitis is more Kardashians.  Bible!  Every girl has had this day (or month!)  You just want something easy to throw on that doesn’t remind you late night Taco Bell runs are wreaking havoc on your midsection.  (Fourth meal is the devil!)

Enter the perfect t-shirt or as I like to call it God’s gift to women!  It’s not fitted, but it’s not frumpy, it’s not a burn-out yet it has that soft perfectly worn in quality along with a necessary droopy front pocket.  I love this t-shirt because I can just throw it on anytime I’m having the aforementioned twinge of body consciousness and I feel instantly chic with no sucking in necessary.  (I literally thought I cracked a rib the other day in a crop top!)

Now for a “photo shoot” of me “modeling” the t.  Otherwise know as me an my husband yelling at each other in our backyard.  I thought it might be nice to show how versatile the t is by pairing it with a few pieces you may have in your wardrobe.

WARNING:  The images you are about to see may be unfit for some viewers.  Like people who have an aversion to blindingly white legs and overwhelming awkwardness.


Tucked into a pencil skirt.  (This look says “I’m a classy broad but I’m not a pretentious bitch”!)


With a pair of skinny jeans.


Under a blazer.

I’m big on proportion so I think it’s important to pair this type of t with something more fitted and structured so you don’t look sloppy (think Mary-Kate and Ashley’s “dumpster ping” chic circa 2012.)

In a variety of colors and for around 25$ or less (depending on where you buy it) the perfect t-shirt is a must have summer staple!  If you live in the Spokane/ North Idaho area you can find this t at Tiffany Blue.  Otherwise you can find them at

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    1. Thanks mom! It’s always nice to get a text with comment options for me to choose from. Your $20.00 is in the mail….

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