Nordstrom Swimsuit + Tipsy Evangelist + Vegas

On Thursday the 17th a plane from Perth, AU, a plane from Austin, TX and a plane from Spokane, WA will make their way to Vegas carrying three blondes (I’m the only natural) and more clothes than a drag queen could wear over the course of a busy month.  That’s right folks, my twin and our triplet from another mother will be holding court in Vegas for four whole days.  I’m ready to hold back some hair , preach the gospel and talk my way into VIP parties (people can never find me on the list because Melissa is such and exotic name.)

Once in Hermosa Beach, CA I was trying to get into a club without paying the ridiculous cover and the bouncer was not having it.  (Pshaaaaw?!)  I kept asking him if there was some kind of code word that would get me in. As if the Lord himself heard my plea’s, in the distance came a resounding, “**** YOU!!!!!”  Is that it I asked?!  It was not and a very large bald man with an earpiece gave me a look that sends chills down my spine to this day.  Good times!

In my mind I will spend the hot Vegas days lounging poolside looking incredibly chic in Dior sunnies whilst sipping Veuve.  In reality I’ll be in Target flip-flops nursing a ginger ale but that just doesn’t sound like something that would trend on Instagram.

An now for a look at my poolside picks…


Nordstrom Swimsuit Separates:

MINKPINK ‘Inca Paradise’ Bikini Bottoms on sale for $26.13

Becca ‘Color Code’ Triangle Bikini Top on sale for $24.12


Tommy Bahama Boyfriend Shirt Cover-Up for $68.00  (I didn’t even know Tommy Bahama did girl stuff and it’s not even hideous!)

You will  notice for the first time I’m not “modelling” my purchases.  How do I put this??  I would sooner die than post a photo of myself in a swimsuit.  Yep, that is exactly how I feel!

See you Thursday…hopefully…

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