I Got Jumped

It was fourth grade, I had just gotten a very chic bob and I was wearing a yellow jumpsuit dotted with purple and pink daisies.  Hawt!!!  I remember going to school thinking I was literally wearing the coolest outfit of all time.  There’s just something about wearing a shirt connected to pants that makes me feel super sexy!  (I imagine guys hate this look about as much as peplums and leggings.)

Finding the right jumpsuit is no small feat.  As easy as J Lo makes it look most ladies will have to try on about 48 different styles before finding one that doesn’t make you look pregnant, 20 pounds overweight or like a giant baby wearing a onesie.  Lucky for you ladies I’ve done the leg work and found what I believe is the unicorn of jumpsuits at my beloved Kohls (yet another juniors section find!)

On a totally unrelated topic I feel it’s necessary that I tell you I’m sitting here writing this in full on workout gear (Lululemon naturally) and I just attempted to go on a run.  In what can only be described as the saddest most desperate attempt at physical exertion I proceeded to run for maybe 3 and half minutes. (I would have quit earlier but I had to wait until I was out of view of the other people on the trail.)  Fortunately my laziness quickly overcame any sense of shame.   I turned around, walked back to my place, poured a glass of wine and took a knee until my heart rate normalized.  I nearly broke a sweat, it was terrifying!

Now for the most epicly bad selfie shoot of all time.


This is when I decided I would get an action shot of me jumping on my bed in my jumpsuit.  I narrowly escaped a serious head injury.


Here’s me not giving up on the whole idea of jumping while looking especially pasty.


Here is me completely giving up on the idea of ever getting a jumping shot (plus I was tired after all the jumping.)  I am seriously considering investing in a mannequin.

Just for fun let’s meet back here Tuesday!

5 comments on “I Got Jumped

  1. It goes to show that you can do almost anything in the perfect jumpsuit…except stripping down quick enough when you have to use the facilities (after the bottle of wine.) Going to the bathroom in public is another tough one, but what are we going to do – I’m still going to wear the jumpsuit everyone!

    1. Lol, so true Abby! That is the one bad thing about jumpsuits! Definitely not the thing to wear wine tasting….

  2. I like the look, but I agree, they can be inconvenient at times. I like the way they can have a casual look or you can dress them up for a night out.

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