Confessions at Kohl’s

I shop at Kohl’s religiously and by that I mean I take communion (Starbucks), there’s a lot of judgement (in the dressing room) and before I leave I give them all my money!  Now let’s all pray I can pay off my card before the second coming.  Amen!

Today I’m sharing some of my fave Kohl’s finds of the summer but before I go any further I feel that I have to be up front with you, my dedicated readers, followers, fans really.  I think it’s important that all 7 of you know the clothes I am recommending are from (don’t you dare judge me!) the juniors department.   Here’s the thing, if you can get away with it and have little to no shame you can find some cool stuff in juniors and it’s so much cheaper than the women’s section.  Plus, you feel really cool when some girl is there with her mom and she’s like “I want this dress” and her mom’s like “no it’s too short” and she’s like “your ruining my life” and I’m like “I’m 30 years old and I can dress like a street-walker whenever I want!”

Below is an outfit you can where to some fabulous champagne brunch, strolling down the beach or to your local bowling alley!!

(Due to budget cuts we had to use that same pasty bird who “modeled” for the last “shoot”.  She is the only person we can find who is so desperate for work she’ll pose for free.  It’s pretty pathetic.)


(I call the above shot the I’m going to wear these giant glasses so no one will ever suspect I’m not wearing makeup for this “shoot”.  Do I look like I want to take my own life?)


(This is my favorite shot because it shows the cross back on the tank and not my face so there’s no way that you can prove this is me!)



(I could not get these shoes in the outfit shot to save my life so here they are.  I think the Wardrobe & Wine photographer may have been drinking at the shoot.  She was so unprofessional, yelling profanities the whole time and making fun of the models white moon face.)

The cropped tank, or rib-drift as I fondly refer to them, is by Mudd and it’s on sale right now for just $9.99.  The skirt is by Princess Vera Wang (you’ll feel really cool telling your friends that) and on sale for $13.60.  The cutout peep-toe booties by LC Lauren Conrad are also on sale for $64.99.  I need to be careful with this next statement because I don’t want to over exaggerate or blow things out of proportion.  Here goes…the LC Lauren Conrad collection for Kohl’s is the single most significant occurrence of the 21st century.  Holla if you watched The Hills!

Okay kids see you back here Thursday for a post that will tickle your nose!

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