Bubbles On A Budget

Obviously a super successful blogger like myself is not on a budget (hello, I drive a 2004 Toyota Scion.)  Jealous?!  You don’t end up in a fine piece of Japanese machinery if you’re not making good choices.   I pay the extra .50 cents for soy in my lattes, I almost always super size at McDonalds and at hotels I only take the shampoo if its high end (can you say baller!!) But I digress.  What I mean is that we aren’t all swilling Cristal like Puffy (I refuse to call him P Diddy because the is embarrassing for everyone.)

I drink champagne for a plethora or “many” of reasons.  (I’m trying to dumb down these posts to appeal more to my target audience.)  I like the bubbles, Heather Dubrow (champs!) and I enjoy that moment of sheer terror when you pop a cork.  There’s just nothing quite like that moment when you pop a bottle and wonder in anticipation if anyone will lose and eye.  Good times!

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