Hack Nordstrom Rack

Who doesn’t appreciate a good rack?!  I know whenever I see one I can’t help but stare.  But let’s get back to clothes.  Shopping at Nordstrom Rack is virtually a militant experience.  One must have a fool proof plan of attack and an unwavering commitment to dressing better than other people.  Below are my five tips to Hack Nordstrom Rack.

Prepare Mentally.  Right now The Sopranos theme song “Woke Up This Morning” is doing it for me.  There’s just something about gun violence that puts in in a head space to find that perfect Spring frock.

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Hypochondria, Sequins, Banana Republic

So remember my attempt at running last week?  I have been in so much pain the last few days I cannot even tell you!  Through my research on Web MD it appears that my body is in such an atrophied state from lack of physical activity that even the slightest amount of exertion leaves me feeling like doodoo.  Or I have a tape worm.  It’s hard to say!  But enough about my hypochondria/imminent tape worm death let’s talk about my most recent self diagnosed health issue, oniomania, or compulsive buying disorder.  Also known as me sobbing over my last Visa statement.

I’ve been hitting the pavement hard this week searching for more black, grey, white and denim.  If you’re holding out for a post with colors, patterns or anything shiny this blog is not for you.  Also, sequins are not for day they are for Atlantic City.  Sorry.  I’m sick of seeing your shiny ass out on streets.  Your parents don’t love you.  I may have taken this too far.  But seriously you look like a disco ball.  This is not the remake of Saturday Night Fever, it’s an Applebee’s.  Okay, now I’m done.

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